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The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for Construction Projects

The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for Construction Projects

Construction is a complex industry encompassing many different projects. These can range from renovation work by property developers to local councils planning a new borough. Every construction project is different from the other, often with aspects of risks and potentially unexpected issues. Each one can face unexpected difficulties such as dealing with terrain, logistics, planning permission or local laws. But what if there was a way to deal with these unexpected difficulties? There is. You can benefit from the expertise of a construction consultant or company by hiring one.

What is a Construction Consultant?

Consultants in any industry are accomplished experts and would hold multiple approved qualifications. They usually belong to accredited organisations, are skilled engineers or architects and proven in project management. Many years of practical experience is a vital attribute. A building consultant is a professional you can rely on for expert advice such as planning a new project, inspecting completed work and preparing essential legal documentation. When you hire a consultant, your construction project benefits from professional advice based on experience and knowledge. It ensures your building is of the highest quality and in compliance with the latest regulations.

Growth in the Construction Industry

There is currently a significant increase in activity in Great Britain’s construction industry. During March 2021, the output showed an increase of 2.4% compared to the level reached in February 2020 before the first COVID-19 national lockdown. This increase is worth an estimated £334 million. However, it’s interesting to note how the new surge in construction is shared between different types of projects.

New work has a level of just 0.5% with an approximate value worth £44 million less than before the COVID-19 disruption. The share attributed to renovation work is much greater. At 7.7%, it has a value of approximately £377 million more than pre-COVID-19 levels. This suggests there are much more redevelopments and refurbishments than new build projects. And it is this sector that could benefit the most from hiring a building consultant.

The following are some of the benefits you can experience when hiring a consultant for construction projects.

1.      Save Time and Be Within Budget

If you know somebody who has built their own home or construction project from scratch then you should know that it can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, especially if the right professional isn’t leading the way. A building consultant would know how to avoid setbacks and pre-empt delays through their experience in the industry, applying experienced decision-making and communication with any subcontractor. You can almost be certain that your home or project will be delivered with time-saving skills and within the agreed budgeting. Not only does it save time and money, but it’s much less stressful for the client as there is usually only a single point of contact.

2.      Experience in the Industry

Large scale construction projects with a local authority or government endorsement are usually highly organised. They involve an official hierarchy that inevitably includes one or more building consultants to provide professional advice. However, small building projects often relate to independent companies and individual property developers. These can sometimes even include homeowners with little building experience who intend to renovate an existing house and sell it as soon as possible to make a substantial profit.

Other instances can involve people who have bought a property at a bargain and hope to turn it into their dream home. If your project falls into these categories, a building consultant could help ensure it becomes a resounding success.

3.      Experts at Identifying Hazards

Every construction project begins with an estimated budget. Building contractors are obliged to finish the work as near to the budget as possible. Yet unforeseen hazards can cause setbacks and increase the cost of any project. Individual property developers who don’t have a range of experience in construction are often simply unaware of the work needed. Building consultants usually have more knowledge and experience in risk management and efficiency.

Let’s look at dampness as an example. For instance, building consultants have a thorough knowledge of the different types of damp in a property. Most importantly they know exactly what treatment is required. Rising damp is the sign of groundwater seeping inside the property. If it’s not dealt with correctly, it can significantly reduce the property’s value. It can also cause further problems such as subsidence, which can prove very costly to fix. A building consultant will identity this issue at the beginning and resolve it before it is too late.

“It’s crucial to recognise the early signs of subsidence and take proactive measures to address them,” says Matthew O’Sullivan from the Cheshire-based subsidence repair advisor Subsidence Ltd. “This not only ensures the safety and longevity of the building but also helps in maintaining property value.”

4.      Up to Date on Building Regulations

The construction industry is constantly evolving. Updated safety regulations such as using scaffolds instead of ladders help prevent on-site accidents. Other new initiatives may include which type of cladding or insulation is allowed. As professionals, building consultants are aware of all new regulations and apply quality control to the construction process. They are also experienced in the complex legal requirements concerning properties, land and planning permission. Their advice can help prevent your building project from being subject to expensive legal costs for failing to observe specific regulations.


Hiring a consultant for building projects has many advantages. Consultants provide expert advice for construction projects of all sizes. They can save you money by ensuring you adhere to building regulations. Completed tasks are checked for accuracy during the project. A consultant can help you meet your original budget. Unforeseen obstacles can be identified early on, and action is taken to prevent wasting time and materials.

An experienced consultant also acts as an intermediary between clients and developers regarding additional costs or procedures. Hiring a construction consultant provides your project with the best opportunity for being a success. They are your go-to person on a construction project. Ultimately, hiring a construction consultant provides your project with a professional edge and should lead to the best outcome for your building project.


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