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What is Building Consultancy?

What is Building Consultancy?

Building consultancy is a popular service provided by various companies in the construction industry. It is more of an umbrella term that deals with several aspects of construction and renovation. The services are provided for both residential and commercial purposes.

A building consultant is a professional, an engineer, architect, cost consultant, etc., who specializes in the respective domain related to the construction industry. They usually work as a team, though the final choice lies in your hands. You can hire only an architect or a structural engineer if you only need a little bit of advice.

Tasks Performed by Building Consultants

Here are some of the tasks that building consultants perform.

  • Advising how to set up and plan the construction project
  • Developing a design for the building
  • Coordinating with other professionals involved in designing
  • Preparing the documents that have to be submitted to the authorities
  • Finalise contract administrator/ construction manager who will monitor the workers
  • Inspecting the work done and ensuring everything going the way it should
  • Completing the project by the said due date and handing it over to the client

A building consultancy provides an array of services to cater to various clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the specialized services in detail.

Dilapidation Services

These services are offered for both landlords and tenants. The consultancy handles the negotiations between both parties by providing assessments. A team will first thoroughly check the place and make a list of things that need to be worked upon. Recommendations for an exit strategy and completing the work are also a part of the service.

Building Survey Services

When surveying a structure, it is necessary to consider the specific requirements of the clients. The consultancy companies conduct building surveys based on the market conditions, type of property, legal complexities, and local regulations.

The building survey was earlier known as a full structural survey. It is a detailed and comprehensive property report that highlights the positives and negatives of the building. People looking to buy a house opt for the survey service to assess the value of the property. This prevents them from investing in a property that is not suitable for their needs and budget.

The building surveys come in different types. Every consultancy has its own set of elements included in the survey. You will need to check with individual companies and decide which survey suits you best.

Cost Management Services

Your budget plays an important role in making several decisions during construction. It is the responsibility of the cost consultant to ensure that the entire project is feasible for the amount you have in mind. Quality is also taken into consideration.

The cost consultants will have to work with architects and structural engineers, project managers, and contract managers to calculate the overall expenditure and cost distribution for the project.

The process gets complex when working on commercial projects as it involves large-scale buildings, tenders, and other stakeholders.

In case of construction insolvency, the consultancy company will help you make the best decision under the circumstances. A way out will be offered to you, stakeholders, and other parties involved in the project.

Building insurance is also handled by the cost consultant. This will provide you with some backup in case things don’t go as planned.

Building Engineering (Structural Engineering)

The building needs to be strong and last for a long time. It also needs to be comfortable, useful, and suitable for the purpose it’s being built. The consulting company takes care of all this.

From due diligence surveys to building and energy audits and tenant reviews, the building consultancy companies offer various services under this head. Space planning, developing a sustainable building design, working on EPC certificates, replacements, upgrades, renovations, and much more are a part of building engineering services.

Preventive Maintenance Reports and Services

Whether it’s a home, office, or a factory, having a preventive maintenance plan is a must. The experts from building consultancy companies offer these services to ensure that your building will not face any problems for the next few years.

Identifying weak areas, marking spots that need to be repaired, and getting the work done are handled by the experts. The consultant will assess the property and provide you with a detailed maintenance plan for the coming years.

You can hire this service for old and new buildings. As expected, the services are customized to suit the property and your requirements. The consultants will find a cost-effective way of taking care of the building so that your budget won’t be disturbed and the structure will last longer.


Contact the leading building consultancy companies in the UK to know more about the services they offer. Always talk to different companies and do your research before you hire either of them.



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