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Top Benefits of Industrial Tents

Top Benefits of Industrial Tents

All kinds of organisations, business and even individuals may require temporary structures at times for a range of purposes. Sometimes the space needs are urgent but only for a short period of time, meaning that a fast solution is required. Also, when minimising costs is an important consideration, investing in permanent structures is not an available option. Luckily, companies or other organisations that need urgent and affordable space solutions can find industrial tents ideal.

What are industrial tents?

Temporary building manufacturers provide a wide variety of structures, and some of them are comprised of PVC roofs spread over metal frames. Due to their use of PVC roofs, most people refer to them as industrial tents, a name that has become acceptable and widely used in the UK. Just like tents, the structures can be set up on nearly all surfaces, with no little preparation of the base being necessary, making them both convenient and cost-effective. That feature also makes them ideal in emergencies when space needs are urgent. Besides, they are easily relocatable from one site to another.

Advantages of industrial tents

Users of these temporary buildings derive numerous benefits,  including:

Quick Shelter Solutions

Users may need space urgently to respond to emergencies. For example, humanitarian organizations may need shelters to respond to natural disasters including earthquakes and floods or human-made disasters such as terrorist attacks and war. Businesses may need extra space to store their stock, excess raw materials, or finished goods when there is a dip in the market. Industrial tents can meet such needs, and many others, well because those who need them can erect them fast and customize them to meet their needs. They are the perfect temporary fix for urgent space needs.


Temporary buildings cost a fraction of the amount you would need to invest in permanent structures. What’s more, when you get industrial tents from Smart-Space, the leading temporary buildings solution provider in the UK, you have several options. You can rent them for a few weeks  (if you need them for a short duration), or purchase them outright if you need them for longer periods. You can also choose to buy them after a period of hire. These plans allow users to reduce their costs by choosing the best option for them.

Customizable and spacious

Every user of a temporary building wants a solution that they can tailor to meet their needs. Fortunately, users can have industrial tents custom made to suit their needs, be it for storage of products, providing people with shelter, storing machinery and equipment, and so on. Moreover, the tents are clear span buildings providing massive open spaces with no obstructions since there are no pillars inside. This allows for free movements of people, machines, vehicles. The owners can even reduce and expand the size of the structures as their needs dictate from time to time.

Suitable for various surfaces

Industrial tents are designed to be stable and on uneven or sloping ground.  They do not need foundations to be prepared which allows their users to optimize every bit of space available on their land. The best thing is that these temporary shelters can even set up and be completely stable on sloping or uneven surfaces. The professional installers use spikes, bolts, and other techniques to secure them to any type of ground or surface.

Different users can have their urgent space needs affordably met by renting or buying industrial tents. These spacious temporary structures are fast to install, customizable, and suitable for almost all surfaces. They are also versatile, allowing for multiple applications.  Hence they are ideal for nearly all applications and uses.


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