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Want to Sell Your Home? Here are Vital Things to do Before You Put it on Sale

Want to Sell Your Home? Here are Vital Things to do Before You Put it on Sale

Hello homeowners, are you planning to sell the current house and buy another? Have you made special plans for your future and want to sell the home as a first step?

It is imperative we find the right property price. While evaluations and assessments help arrive at a figure, you can further push it up or limit the negotiations by highlighting the best features of the house.

By taking care of the following aspects, you can increase the chances of selling your home faster and for a higher price. Shall we see what vital things you need to do before you put your house on sale?

Important things you should know

1.     Get Rid of the Clutter

Yeah, household items and kids’ toys make the place look cosy. But sometimes, they just make the house look small and suffocating. The minimalistic approach works best when you want to present your home to prospective buyers. Getting rid of things that occupy more space is necessary. The pictures should show open spaces in the rooms to create a sense of peace and tranquillity. If the prospective buyers visit your home, get rid of the scattered toys, toiletries, and other stuff spread around the house and in the bathrooms.

2.     Clean the House from Top to Bottom

We cannot ignore the importance of cleanliness. No prospective buyer wants to invest in a house that has cobwebs and dirt-stained walls. Clean the house thoroughly. Hire a cleaning company to do the job. And yes, keep the place clean until it is sold. From carpets to curtains to footstools, don’t ignore anything. A clean house attracts more customers, and your chances of selling the house for a price you want will increase. A fresh coat of paint would be even better.

3.     The Broken Items need to be fixed

We cannot emphasise on this point enough. Prospective buyers do not want to spend more money on repairs. They’ll simply end up deducting that amount and more from the offer they quote. If it can be fixed, do it before you put the house for sale. It would also be advisable to get the job done by a professional. Leaking taps, torn-out wallpaper, damaged appliances, malfunctioning central heating system, etc., need to be repaired.

4.     Don’t Underestimate First Impressions

First impressions matter a lot. There’s a reason people fall in love with some homes the moment they see them. The front garden and the driveway have to be neat and tidy. The roof and the outer walls could do with some fresh paint. The home shouldn’t smell dusty or stink of old wood and moss. Air the furniture and open the windows to allow some ventilation and a cross breeze in the house.

5.     Downplay the Personalization

The house is your home, and, naturally, you have things arranged the way you like. But when you plan to sell it, you will need to downplay this aspect. Remember that everyone has a different taste. The antique oak wood table you love might seem out of place and odd for other buyers. The same rule applies to family photos and personal artwork. If buyers find it easy to visualize themselves in the house, they will be more inclined to agree to the price you’ve quoted.

6.     What’s the Purpose of Each Room?

This might seem like a waste of time but think about it. Are you using the house the way it was to be? Have you not customised the rooms and converted them into something else? The prospective buyers might want to do the same, albeit differently. It’s important to tell them how each room can be used and converted. It’s better if you represent the house as it was when you brought it. Then you can explain the changes you’ve made. That will increase the value of the house as buyers will think of their own ways to customise the place.

7.     Go Neutral

We’ve mentioned painting the house to make it look fresh. But we did not specify which colours to choose. Do we have to recommend even that? Absolutely!

Several realtors and interior designers confirm that neutral colours work the best. That’s because these colours are less personal and allow prospective buyers to imagine the place in colours of their choice. Neutral colours do not have to be dull. You can complement the shades by arranging the furniture and plants to emphasise the beauty of the room.


Make sure to highlight the storage space (who doesn’t want a couple of extra shelves?) to impress the buyers. And tone down the presence of your pets unless you are 100% sure that buyers love pets and want a perfect home for them. Let the house speak for itself.


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