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What Are Your Options For New Commercial Ceilings

What Are Your Options For New Commercial Ceilings

Ceilings play an important role in the overall aesthetics and functionality of commercial space. They can enhance the acoustics, lighting, and insulation of a room whilst also adding to the overall design of the space. If you’re looking to install a new ceiling into your commercial space, we’ve got several options that you can explore.

Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are popular for commercial spaces because of their durability, easy maintenance, and versatility. Many types of metal ceilings are available, including linear, open-cell, and mesh.

Linear metal ceilings are made of continuous planks or panels that provide a clean and modern look whereas open-cell metal ceilings feature open grids and provide excellent acoustic control and ventilation. Mesh ceilings are made of interwoven metal wires that give a unique and modern aesthetic while improving acoustics and ventilation. Metal ceilings offer decorative and acoustic performance.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings are designed to absorb sound and improve the acoustics of commercial space. There are many different types of acoustic ceilings available including suspended, rafts, and baffles.

Suspended acoustic ceilings consist of suspended panels that provide sound absorption and contribute to the overall design of the space whereas rafts and baffles are suspended from the ceiling and provide targeted sound absorption in specific areas of the room. Acoustic ceilings reduce stress, improve sleep, and even increase overall employee satisfaction in work environments.

Plasterboard Ceilings

Plasterboard ceilings are a cost-effective and versatile option for commercial spaces. With so many plasterboard ceilings available like standard, fire-resistant, and moisture-resistant, it can be difficult choosing the right one. Standard plasterboard ceilings provide a smooth and clean finish whilst fire-resistant and moisture-resistant are great for buildings that need additional safety for the occupants.

Wood Ceilings

Wood ceilings provide a warm and natural aesthetic to commercial spaces. They also improve acoustics and insulation! There is a range of different types of wood ceilings like linear, grille, and solid wood. Linear wood ceilings feature continuous wood planks that give a sleek and modern look. Grille wood has open grids that offer great acoustics and ventilation, and solid wood ceilings are made of natural wood and are perfect for the natural, homely effect in commercial properties.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a unique and modern option for commercial spaces. They consist of a flexible membrane that is stretched over a frame and can be customised in various colours, designs, and shapes. Stretch ceilings are easy to install and provide great acoustics, lighting, and insulation. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like common rooms and hallways!

Choosing the right type of ceiling for your commercial property can be a difficult choice, but it can also enhance the aesthetic and functionality of a room. If you’re looking for a new ceiling, consider consulting with a professional to identify the best type of ceiling for your space.

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